Hayasy Group company from its very first day of production produces only jams, jams, preserves, marinades, sauces, dried fruits made from natural raw materials.

Oh... I almost forgot about my jams.

Jam is a processed product of fruits and berries, which acquire a jelly-like consistency through long cooking, exclusively fresh raw materials are used for this food product, which has preserved all their acids and pectin substances as much as possible.

The sunlight mixed in my Preserves
makes them taste incredibly.

Preserves are prepared in such a way that the ingredients retain their shape, have a heterogeneous consistency, consist of more or less liquid syrup, and separate pieces of fruit or even small fruits and whole berries.

My marinade
looks as good as it tastes!

Marinades are mixtures for marinating food for the purpose of preserving or preparing it for heat treatment. The main purpose of the marinade is to add flavor and aroma to vegetables before heat treatment.

My canned vegetables
taste so good!

Canned food – food products that have been canned and/or packaged for long-term storage without deterioration.

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