Hayasy group has more than10 years of experience in production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.Today it presents newly labeled juices, compotes, jams, confitures and preservatives under the name ”Barev!”, which means “Hello” in Armenian. The granny depicted on the labels greets the shopper and “tells the story” of making delicious jams and juices out of natural and sun-nurtured fruits and vegetables.

Today not everyone
has a wand,

however, I own one inherited from my grandpa.
Whenever I’m a little sad, I use that wand to create bubbles
that look like blackthorn and enjoy their beauty and color.

A Little Of Our Story

I have my secrets of making
delicious jams and confitures.

These secret
recipes my grand-grand-granny has given to my grand-granny, in her turn she conveyed it to my granny and now I have that recipes.
Do you know what the main ingredients are? - sunlight, a pinch of love and a drop of care.

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